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You raise birds at home or in your garden. In addition to the cage, it is strongly advised to buy a feeder. Depending on where the device will be installed, the price or the manufacturing material will not necessarily be the same. Save time and read this comparison guide to find the right bird feeder for you.

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How to choose your bird feeder

Feeding the birds is a great way to enjoy nature throughout the year. But before you set the table for your feathered friends, think about the following criteria and choose the most suitable model.

Criterion n°1: Size

Instead of using several feeders, it is possible to set up a single one that has a good size. During the winter, you need to installlarge-sized feeders (50 x 50 x 121 cm)to provide enough food. You can attach the medium-sized ones to every corner of your garden. That way, they will also serve as decorations.

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However, they just need to be guaranteed squirrel and rodent proof. That is, you must make them inaccessible so that they are installed at least 1 m above the ground. You can still opt for small feeders, including a tubular feeder surrounded by a cage with spaces that only birds can pass through.

Criterion n°2: Style

The style of the feeder is essential especially for people who are learning how to feed birds in the garden or on the balcony. In other words, the style must match where you are going to place your trough. Thus the most common styles are:

  • House-shaped feeders, they consist of a platform with walls and a small roof surrounding the seeds.
  • Tubular feedersare another commonly used type of feeder. They contain seeds in a refillable tube and have holes with perches along their length. The seeds can be placed on a lower tray.
  • Platform feeders, usually raised on a pole, there are also versions laid on the ground. As the name suggests, this style of feeder has a platform on which birds can gather and peck the seeds.

Criterion n°3: The resistance of its material

You can choose a bird feeder with the material of your choice, but it just needs to have good weather resistance. If you opt for wooden models, for example, this is an excellent choice, because all types of wood have abeautiful natural appearance and are particularly durable. In addition, birds will always be naturally attracted to these types of feeders.

As for those that are made of stainless steel, these allow you to save money in the long run. This is because they will not crack or yellow over time. In addition, you can fix them on several feeding areas.

Criterion n°4: Location

Finding the right location, clean and hygienic, for a birdhouse is very important. Once you have chosen the model of your taste, all you have to do is find the place to install it. However, the reflex to adopt is not to hide the feeder at the bottom of a hedge or under a roof, thinking that this will give even more shelter to the birds. Thus, dry and semi-shaded placesare ideal. Bushes or shrubs can also be found near bird feeders, as long as other enemies cannot sneak too close.

Criterion n°5: The frequency of maintenance

Bird feeders can get a little filthy. If you place more nest boxes in different places away from home, you should give preference to those that require less maintenance. Opt forstainless metal models. Just keep in mind that this type of material does not prevent the grains from being damaged by rain or moisture.

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Generally, natural food sources are scarcer in winter, more birds may be attracted to yard feeders, and they will need to be cleaned with hot water and dried several times during the season.

Standing or hanging bird feeder?

Standing bird feeder

Usually in the shape of a small house, a standing bird feeder completes the decoration of a garden. It can contain a large amount of seeds, which inevitably attracts birds. The advantage with this type of feeder is that it can feed other pets such as chickens. Other feeders benefit from double-sided feeding. You can put several types of seeds in it.

In addition, the standing bird feeder can help some bird species survive the harsh winter months. However, its use can cause some problems. Indeed, the fact that it is placed on the ground easily attracts rodents such as rats.

Hanging bird feeder

It is a very simple bird feeder and allows rodents to keep away rodents. The hanging bird feeder usually offers 6 feeding ports. And sometimes it is made of metal so as not to be eaten away by squirrels simply. This type of bird feeder is very convenient, as it disassembles quickly and does not require much maintenance. In addition, it is more accessible to birds.

However, the size of a hanging bird feeder remains smaller than the standing model and is not suitable for feeding large birds. It may also be that areas where feeders are not suitable for birds, this causes a serious consequence on their productivity.


Choose the bird feeder to hang to feed them throughout the winter. However, if you love bird watching in the comfort of your garden or if the birds that come to peck there do not stay all year round, the table feeder will suit you better.

Tips to know for your bird feeder

Feeders will be more useful in winter.

In general, birds enjoy feeders more during the winter, when cold days force them to expend more energy to stay warm. Studies show that birds visit feeders even more frequently when extreme weather events limit their access to natural food sources.

Protect birds from cats.

If you own cats or have cats that frequently visit your garden, avoid placing bird feeders on the ground or too close to bushes or other shelters under which a cat might hide. Do not give cats a chance to harm birds.

Choose the color according to the birds you want to attract.

Brightly colored feeders attract many birds, as the color mimics the hues of various food sources (such as fruits and berries). Some birds, however, are more attracted to dull feeders because they provide better camouflage. Build your feeders around that.

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Cheap seed mixes can be a waste.

Sunflower, cracked corn, white millet and niger seeds (also called nyger or thistle) are among the most popular seeds for wild birds. Cheap seed mixes usually contain only a small amount of these seeds prized by birds. Instead, the blends mostly contain unwanted seeds, such as red millet and flax.

Installing a bird feeder is only the first step.

After setting up your bird feeder, be patient, as it may take some time for the birds to discover your feeder. It is also important to remember that feeders attract only certain species of birds. To attract a wider variety of birds to your property, build a bird bath, where they can drink and clean their plumage.

How to clean a bird feeder?

Bird feeders require regular cleaning and disinfection to combat disease transmission. It is imperative to do this as often as possible to avoid any risk of contamination, because bacteria and viruses are transmitted by droppings, but also by direct contact between birds.

It is therefore important to ensure that a large amount of uneaten food has not been allowed to accumulate on the feeder. Indeed, these food or seed scraps that lie around too long in the feeder could quickly turn into grime nests. And this will increase the risk of contamination to some people.

Cleaning a bird feeder is very simple. It is enough to use products that are non-toxic to birds. It is therefore strongly recommended to use soapy water and a brush with hard bristles to do this. You should use a bottle brush to clean the tubes.

Apart from that, there are a few good things to do when using a bird feeder, always to reduce the risk of disease transmission. First, do not forget to brush the feeder and collect all the garbage every time you feed the birds.

In addition, it is strongly advised to change the water regularly if you put any. Feeders should also be changed regularly at the risk of creating nests of bacteria under the feeders. Finally, it is very important and especially not to forget to wash your hands well after each use of the feeder so as not to be affected by certain bird diseases.

Bird feeder tips

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