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No matter how good your knife is or how well your knife skills are, your meal preparation won’t be optimal unless you have a really good cutting board, or maybe even more than one for different cutting needs. Try one of our recommendations to easily have all your ingredients within reach, sliced and chopped, and ready for the jar.

A good cutting board can protect your countertops, but its most important function is to protect your knives. Ideally, it will give you plenty of space to cut the food spell you are preparing and make it easier to transfer your preparation to a bowl or pan. It must also hold a floor aircraft that does not tip over or slip while you cut, and the surface area must not tarnish or cut the edge of your knife.

Epicurean Kitchen Series Cutting Board, 11.5-Inch × 9-Inch, Natural

as of 30 January 2023 19h25

Epicurean Prep Series Nonslip Cutting Boards, Set of 2, Natural, 13" X 8.5" and 9.5" X 6.5"

as of 30 January 2023 19h25

Epicurean All-In-One Cutting Board with Non-Slip Feet and Juice Groove, 14.5" × 11.25", Natural/Black

as of 30 January 2023 19h25

Epicurean Prep Series Cutting Boards Set of 3, Slate 15.5" X 10", 13" X 8.5" and 9.5" X 6.5"

as of 30 January 2023 19h25

Epicurean Nonslip Cutting Board Set, Two Pack - 15" X 11" and 11.5" X 9" (Natural/Black), Durable, Nonporous, Knife Friendly, Reversible, Dishwasher Safe, Eco-Friendly, Made In USA

as of 30 January 2023 19h25

Epicurean Handy Series Cutting Board with Handle, 9-Inch by 7-Inch, Natural

as of 30 January 2023 19h25

Epicurean All-In-One Cutting Board with Non-Slip Feet and Juice Groove, 10" × 7", Slate/Black

as of 30 January 2023 19h25

Epicurean EPI-BUTTER Cutlery Board Butter, Silver

as of 30 January 2023 19h25

Prep Series Cutting Boards by Epicurean, 3 Piece, Natural

as of 30 January 2023 19h25

Choosing a cutting board

Your search for the perfect cutting board begins with three foundation considerations:

  • Hardware: Cutting boards can be made of acrylic, glass, plastic, rubber or wood: each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Wood is attractive, sturdy and easy to use for your knives they do not contain more bacteria than plastic. Glass, acrylic, and plastic have the advantage of being dishwasher safe, but they scratch, cut and hollow easily, and these nicks can harbor bacteria. Rubber cutting boards are often used in professional kitchens, where the choice is in addition a query of function than manner.
  • Cleaning: Cleaning a cutting board in the dishwasher is very convenient, but you can still keep a board away from food if you wash it in the primary after each use.
  • Storage space: How you store your board depends on its size and your personal preferences. A beautiful wooden cutting board makes an attractive display on a countertop. Less attractive and sufficiently small boards can be stored in a drawer or cabinet. Planks with handles and holes can be hung on the wall.
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For food safety, consider having one board: one for cutting raw meat and one for cutting other food styles.

These cutting boards will make your putting in put a breeze!

Best wooden board: tekhaus cutting board

planche à découper en tekhaus

Made of teak from sustainably managed forests, this moisture and stain resistant cutting board is very long lasting and could very well be the last cutting board you will need! The board must be washed at the major and its beautiful finish can be maintained by occasional apps of mineral oil.

Best wooden board

Best Plastic Board: OXO Great Grips Cutting Board

planche à découper OXO Great Grips

This double deal with non-porous plastic cutting board is odor resistant and will not blunt knife blades. The soft conical edges are comfortable handles and prevent the board from slipping while you chop and slice. The rim has a built-in drip catcher that will prevent even the juiciest foods from soiling your countertop, and it’s durable and dishwasher safe.

Best Plastic Board

Best Bamboo Board: Bamboo Bamboo Cutting Board

planche à découper en bambou Bambüsi

The design of this bamboo cutting board is what sets it apart, with a smooth floor on one side to prepare the cut and raised edges and juice channels on the other to rest and cut the meat. The finish of the board facilitates cleaning at the primary!

Best Bamboo Board

Best composite board: epicurean cutting board

planche à découper épicurienne

The innovative Epicurean cutting board is made of Richlite suitable with knives, a recycled paper composite that does not absorb odors or bacteria, and is dishwasher safe! Thin and lightweight, this very durable board can be used on both sides, and its thumb hole can also be used to hang it for easy storage. It is available in 4 sizes and 3 colors.

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Best Composite Panel

Also consider:NoTrax Sani-Tuff Rubber Cutting Board

Planche à découper en caoutchouc NoTrax Sani-Tuff

The very resistant Sani-Tuff cutting board will keep your good knives sharp! Its all-natural, high-density rubber provides a non-slip surface area that won’t crack, warp or harbor bacteria or odors. To renew the area, simply sand it with very thin sandpaper. This reversible board must be cleaned at the most important.

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