The best living room carpets 2022 – test & comparative living room carpets

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If you want to change the decoration of your living room, nothing better than buying a new living room rug. To find the best and be able to give you an opinion on all the products in the sector, our consumer defense portal has developed a comparison of the best living room rugs of 2022. The selection of this comparison is based on the opinion present in customer comments and in the best product tests. Thus, you are sure to benefit from objective information, and it is the best way to form your own opinion.

Frelish Decor Handwoven Jute Area Rug- 6 feet Round- Natural Yarn- Rustic Vintage Beige Braided Reversible Rug- Eco Friendly Rugs for Bedroom, Kitchen, Living Room, Farmhouse (6' Round)

as of 30 January 2023 18h04

nuLOOM Rigo Hand Woven Farmhouse Jute Area Rug, 6' Round, Natural

as of 30 January 2023 18h04

SAFAVIEH Monaco Collection 3' x 3' Round Navy/Light Blue MNC243N Boho Chic Medallion Distressed Non-Shedding Dining Room Entryway Foyer Living Room Bedroom Area Rug

as of 30 January 2023 18h04

SAFAVIEH Madison Collection 5' x 5' Round Grey/Blue MAD471F Modern Abstract Non-Shedding Dining Room Entryway Foyer Living Room Bedroom Area Rug

as of 30 January 2023 18h04

Lahome Floral Medallion Collection Round Area Rug - 4' Diameter Non-Slip Distressed Vintage Area Rug Accent Throw Rugs Floor Carpet for Door Mat Entryway Living Room Bedrooms (4' Diameter, Multicolor)

as of 30 January 2023 18h04

Lahome Vintage Medallion Round Rug - 3' Diameter Non-Slip Distressed Area Rug Small Accent Throw Rugs Floor Carpet for Door Mat Entryway Bedrooms Laundry Room Decor (3' Diameter, Gray)

as of 30 January 2023 18h04

Lahome Marble Pattern Round Area Rug - 3' Diameter Faux Wool Non-Slip Area Rug Accent Distressed Throw Rugs Floor Carpet for Living Room Bedrooms Laundry Room Decor (Round - 3' Diameter, Blue)

as of 30 January 2023 18h04

Lahome Collection Traditional Oriental Round Area Rug - 4' Diameter Non-Slip Distressed Vintage Area Rug Accent Throw Rugs Floor Carpet for Door Mat Entryway Living Room Bedrooms (4' Diameter, Red)

as of 30 January 2023 18h04

Lahome Moroccan Round Area Rug - 3' Diameter Faux Wool Non-Slip Area Rug Small Accent Distressed Throw Rugs Floor Carpet for Door Mat Entryway Bedrooms Laundry Room Decor (Round - 3' Diameter, Gray)

as of 30 January 2023 18h04

LEEVAN Plush Sheepskin Style Throw Round Rug Faux Fur Elegant Chic Style Cozy Shaggy Round Rug Floor Mat Area Rugs Home Decorator Super Soft Carpets Kids Play Rug (6 ft-Diameter, White)

as of 30 January 2023 18h04

How do we do it?

Our products are tested according to standard standards and checklists, they are certified by external testers. Customer reviews allow us to offer products of very good quality and at the best price. In case of doubt about a particular product, we take care of launching new test procedures with the support of our partners. We do not work for any organization, our product choices are made independently. Click here to learn more.

What is a living room rug?

What is a living room rug?A living room rug is adecorative elementthat, as its name suggests, finds its place in a living room. It is one of the bestaccessoriesto give identity toyour interior decoration.

A carpet also serves as acoatingto protect the floor of your home, but it has become a secondary utility over time.

In addition, there areseveral kindsof living room rugs. They can be long-haired, short, patterned, of different colors, oriental … All styles are offered by thebestbrands.

Information about the 7 best manufacturers

Living room rugs can be found at allmajor distributors andgeneral decoration stores. However, other brands more specialized in carpets are sold both on theInternetand inphysical stores. Here is, in our comparison, the best of these brands.

  • Allotapis
  • Paco-Home
  • Arte Espina
  • DHF (Deco Home Fnapp)
  • Home Spirit
  • Serge Lesage
  • Chic rugs

Allotapisis a shop that sells carpets exclusively online. Specializing in cheap designer rugs and children’s rugs, Allotapis presents itself as the cheapest specialist in the carpet sector.

How to choose a living room rug?

How does a living room rug work?A living room rug is a rug like any other. Its only specificity is that it is oftenlargerthan most other carpets. It is a decorative element in its own right.

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The carpet is thebest wayto dress a living room. It is therefore natural that people who want to enrich their decoration invest in this type of accessory.

To properly install a rug in yourliving room, you just need to be sure that itblends perfectlywith your decoration and with the dimensions of your room.

As for maintenance, if you vacuumit from time to time, you should be able to give it a good lifespan.

Advantages & areas of application

Now that you know a little more about thebest living room rugs of 2020, we will discuss, in this comparison, theadvantagesof these textile elements.

First, they areperfect for dressing up a living roomand adding an extra touch to the decoration of your interior. Plus, it’s agood way to protect your floor, especially if you have a coffee table.

Finally, a living room carpet cansignificantly improve the comfortof a living room. Indeed, when you have children, a carpet allows them not to be in contact with the floor when they play on acoffee tableor on the floor.

What types of living room rugs are there?

The best living room rugs fall intoseveral categoriesdepending on the material in which they are made. The two main ones arenaturalmaterials andsynthetics.

Living room rugs in natural fibers

What types of living room rugs are there?There aremanykinds ofnatural materialsto make a carpet. Wool carpet,silk carpet andcottoncarpetare the most popular.

Thewoolcarpet is the one that has the most advantages, because it iscomfortable, easy to maintainandresistantto crushing.

Butcottonand especiallysilkaremuchmore usedwhen it comes tohigh-end carpets. The reason? Their softness and resistance are optimal.

Currently, these materials are being supplanted by natural fibers (bamboo, jute, coconut) which are moreeco-responsible and original.


  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Superior quality.


  • Expensive materials.
  • Greater sensitivity.

Living room rugs made of synthetic materials

Give the types of living room rugs?Inacrylic,polyesterorpolypropylene, synthetic materials are very popular on the carpet market because of their lower cost.

Indeed, synthetic carpets aremuch cheaperthan carpets made of natural fibers, but this is not their only asset.

The other advantage of these materials is that they areveryeasy to maintainand offer adesignwith infinite variations.


  • Cheap living room rugs.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • A wide choice.


  • Inferior quality to living room rugs made of natural materials.

This is how the living room rug is tested

Part of the opinion offered by this comparison of the best livingroom rugs2020is based on the tests of professionals in the sector. Here are thecriteriaon which these tests are based to rate the products.

The quality of the material

How to test a living room rug?A living room rug sits in the most “lively” room in your home. It must therefore beresistantover time, and above all, keep its shine despite the passing years.

This is why the opinion of theproduct teststakes into account the quality of their material. It does not matter if the carpet is made of polyamide, vegetable material or other, it must have anirreproachable quality.


The fashion is currently forlocal supply networksandartisanal and traditional manufacturing.

According to online tests, evaluations and comparisons, manufacturers who respect this market muchbetter products.

Value for money

Buying a living room rug is asignificant budget. To rate this type of products and give their opinion, testers always try tojudgethe quality of a product according to its price.

For example, anoriental carpet will often be more expensive, so it is important that thequalityis at the rendezvous.

Product Evaluation

Paco-Home living room mat test, Shaggy long wicks carpet

How to evaluate a Paco Home shaggy carpet long locks?Let’s start our comparison of the best living room rugs with one of the most popular rugs. Indeed, thePaco-HomeShaggy living room rug receives an average of 4 stars out of 5 on Amazon for more than 3,000 reviews.

It is therefore acarpet very appreciatedby customers. The reason? Itsvalue for money is exceptional. Indeed, for a very low price, you can enjoy a carpet of 40 x 60 cm, available in more than 10 colors. Obviously, if you take a larger size, the carpet will be more expensive. And this carpet comes in different sizes.

Made of polypropylene (100%), it is extremely robust according to reviews and should therefore bring you satisfaction in the long term. On the other hand, it can tend to fray when vacuumed. This is not necessarily a problem, because given itslightnessand size, it can be dusted by hand by shaking it outdoors.

We can find other reviews about this carpet, but they are counterbalanced by the more than 350 positive reviews that praise thespeed of deliveryand good value for money. It is therefore natural that this carpet opens our comparison of the best of 2020.

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The most:

  • Optimalvalue for money.
  • Fast delivery.
  • Easymaintenance.


  • Negative comments on the intrinsic quality of the material.
  • Some problems with the supplier’s after-sales service.

Test of the kaleidoscope living room rug from The Rug House

Define a kaleidoscope living room rug from The Rug House?Second product in our comparison, the living room rug ofThe Rug Housestands out for its design both modern and original.

Thekaleidoscopic grey, blue and white motifs offer a touch that is both Scandinavian and uncluttered and very appreciable. The carpet is available in several formats and can therefore be suitable forseveraltypes of space, whether in the entrance or in a living room.

In terms of materials, this living room rug is made ofpolypropylene, but its back is made of burlap. We are therefore on perfectly artificial material, but still of quality.

The main advantage of The Rug House’s living room rug is that itis lint-freeandhighly resistant to stains, according to the seller.

But this vision is shared in the best comments that are full of praise for the design of the carpet. Obviously, given the price, the quality of this product is not perfect, we even have reviews (very rare) on this subject.

The most:

  • Amodernand attractive design.
  • An affordable price.
  • Easy maintenance.


  • Some criticisms about the quality of the product.

Test of the VIMODA designer living room rug

What is a VIMODA designer living room rug?Let’s conclude our comparison of the best living room rugs with another affordable and popular product, but with a more artistic style. Indeed, with its turquoise, gray and white colors gradient with tile patterns, theVIMODA designercarpet really stands out from the competition.

Like the other products in this comparison, it has excellentvalue for moneyand isacclaimedin customer reviews and tests.

Made ofcurly polypropylene fiber, the height of its bristles is only 11 mm. So we are on a carpet with very short hairs.

Alsosoftandvery resistant, the surface of this carpet has been subjected to various tests (including the Öko Tex 100 standard for the non-harmfulness of textile materials) and has validated them all. This positive opinion is also shared by commentators and users of the carpet who recommend it to more than 90%.

Theonly criticism noted was that it had an unpleasant chemical smell, but this comment came from only one buyer.

The most:

  • A modern andpleasant design.
  • Areal qualityof materials.
  • A soft andresistant surface.


  • A “chemical” smell noted by a buyer.
  • The design divides more than for other carpets.

The advantages and disadvantages described in customer reviews

The secondsource of informationin this comparison is composed of customer opinions and online comments. Here is a representativesampleof thebest positiveand negative opinions about living room rugs.

Positive opinions:

  • The carpet isvery designandpleasantto look atin terms of colors and material.
  • The installation ofthe carpet is very simple and very fast.
  • The carpetis very easy and very quick to clean.
  • The carpet islightweight, which greatly facilitates its transport.
  • The carpet wasdelivered faster thanexpected (several comments).
  • Thecontact with the carpetisvery softand therefore appreciated in general.
  • Thediversity of choicesoffered by the best brands is also highlighted.
  • Carpets are oftenexcellent value for money.
  • The delivered product iswell packaged and well protected.
  • No visible defectson the surface of the carpet.

Negative reviews:

  • The carpet is more “cheap” than in the photos in the words of some buyers.
  • The carpet tends to gathera little too much dust.
  • The carpet hair is not as soft as suggested in the product description.
  • The carpet haswhite markingson its surface.
  • Thedelivery conditionshave not been respected for a customer.
  • Theedgestransplant on some carpets because of folding during delivery.
  • The thickness of the carpetdoes not correspond to what customers expected.
  • Thecolors of the carpetare not harmonious compared to the one in the photos.
  • Thepriceof the carpet is too high for its quality.
  • Theactual dimensionsof the carpet do not exactly correspond to those advertised.

What should you look out for when buying a living room rug?

What should you look out for when buying a living room rug?To help youchoosethe best carpet, our comparisonwill now explain thecriteriato checkat the time of purchase.

The first thing you need to be sure of is that thefeaturesof the product match your needs. The design of the carpetmust be in accordance with your decoration, itsdimensionstoo, as well as itscolor. Indeed, it would be a shame to choose a carpet that absolutely does not marry with your living room.

Then, make sure that your carpet is not made of amaterialto which you are allergic or whose contact you do not appreciate.

Finally, studythe different offers to choose a living room rug that offers the best value for money.

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The Best Alternatives to Living Room Rugs

Living room rugs are not the only kinds of carpets for the home. For the bedroom, for example, the best choice is abed descent. The latter is often smaller than a carpet and is designed in a very soft material, because you move barefoot in your room.

There are alsochildren’s rugsthat have quite whimsical and colorful patterns. Perfect for toddlers’ rooms, these mats are rather soft and allow children to play on them.

There are still other types of carpets such asbathroom carpets,doormats,skins, Persian carpetsfor walls and many others.

Internet or specialized trade: where should I buy my living room rug?

Where should I buy my living room rug instead?Tobuya living room rug, it may be interesting to go to ageneral decoration store. There you can enjoy the advice and best advice from a seller.

However, you can also decide to go throughthe purchase inline. Indeed, e-commerce is apreferred solutionfor most buyers because of its many advantages.

First of all, buying your products online allows youto enjoy the best pricesthanks to the huge choice of brands and manufacturers from all countries that are present online.

Then, going through online commerce allows youto benefit from the best advice and opinionsviacomparisons and tests on theInternet.

Finally, online shops are used to making regular promotions. Going through them is therefore a great way to buy a carpet in a few clicks and without leaving home.


What is the best material for a living room rug?

There is no better material for a living room rug. There are quality materials according to budgets. For example, if you want to put little money, the best material is synthetic. If your budget is larger, the best solution is plant or animal matter.

How to clean a living room rug?

The best solution to clean a living room rug is to vacuum over it. However, the vacuum cleaner tends to frayed the carpet. So you can also type it outside or even machine wash it, if necessary.

How to choose a living room rug?

To choose the best living room rug, you can use the selection criteria that we have presented in several sections of this comparison. Size, materials, build quality and design must be particularly taken into account.

What is the best hairless living room rug?

It is impossible to say which is the best carpet without hair. If you want to find one quickly, the last carpet in the selection of this comparison should satisfy you. From the VIMODA brand, it is a carpet with excellent value for money.

What is the best industrial style living room rug?

Many of the best brands are inspired by the industrial style of design. So it shouldn’t be too complicated to find a carpet of this type. Take a look at the section of this comparison concerning the best brands of living room rugs 2022, you will find your happiness.

Which living room rug when you have a dog?

When you have a dog, the best solution is to opt for a carpet with short hair. Indeed, with another type of carpet, your pet’s hair could remain caught in that of the carpet when you vacuum.

What dimensions for a living room rug?

The size of a living room rug depends on your own living space and décor. Some prefer short rugs that fit only under a coffee table, others prefer wide rugs that take up the entire room.

How to choose the color of the carpet in your living room?

To find the best color for your carpet, you have to choose a shade that matches that of your decoration. Warm colors with warm colors and vice versa. If you have a very uncluttered living room, you can also opt for a colorful carpet. This will give an original touch to your interior.

Should you put a rug in your living room?

It is not mandatory to put a rug in your living room. However, it is one of the best solutions to dress up a living room and make it more comfortable. The answer will depend on your choices in decoration.

How to position your carpet in your living room?

The best place for a living room rug is under the coffee table, right in front of the sofa. It is, in any case, the one preferred by most people. You just have to be careful that your carpet is well aligned with your furniture.

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