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Installing a squirrel feeder in your garden or on your balcony is a great idea! These small, long-tailed inhabitants are indeed an essential players in the environment. It is thanks to their storage habits that a large part of the trees grows back. 

Did you know that the squirrel forgets where it hid its seed stocks on the ground and it is thanks to its short memory that some plants reappear? And yes, small and individualistic, the squirrel plays an important role in the dispersal of plants – without even realizing it!

Squirrel feeder: ideas and useful information

Feeder for squirrel garden idea

Squirrels do not hibernate. The cold and lack of food can be fatal for him. Installing a squirrel feeder or nest box in your garden can then save his life. Some want to keep small arboreal rodents away from their garden, others want to attract them. Too cute and important actors in the environment, we do not want to hurt them. It is true that they can be harmful to our gardens. Yet the squirrel is a gardener who contributes to the dispersion of several plant species. To protect your vegetable garden without keeping squirrels away from your garden, offer them afeeder!

Feeder for squirrel idea garden nuts

The squirrel is a gardener that contributes to the dispersal of several plant species

The squirrel builds several nests, called hoods. Most often, it is customary to build bird feeders. It happens very often that a squirrel visits us! Indeed, building a squirrel feeder is almost the same as building a bird feeder. We use the same materials: wood, plastic, glass, metal and all kinds of recycled objects. If you install a feeder with a small door, do not worry, the squirrel knows how to proceed. He will open the small door and find the food inside without worry.


Squirrel feeder: a noble and ecological idea

The feeder is not only a shelter for small rodents, but also plays the role of outdoor decoration. Most often, it is made of wood, plywood or chipboard. The important thing is to avoid the use of any treated wood. You can create a squirrel house without or with a door. Finally, you will see that even if you install a plate with a few seeds in it, the squirrel will probably visit you. The problem with the open feeder is that it will be available to everyone. It is better to create a shelter for squirrels than for itself. Always install the bird feeder away from the squirrel feeder.

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House for wooden squirrel

Feeder for squirrel wood garden

What food for my squirrel feeder?

In terms of food, favor seeds, nuts, hazelnuts, nuts and pieces of fruits and vegetables. Its diet varies according to the seasons. In spring it eats flowers and insects, while in summer it prefers fruits. During the rainy days of autumn, it makes reserves for the winter. It accumulates all kinds of seeds, nuts and acorns. The squirrel also eats underground mushrooms. It preserves them by burying them in the ground or hiding them in tree holes. Finally, each species of squirrel has its own food preferences.

Feeder for squirrel house for squirrel idea

Where can I install my squirrel feeder?

You can install the squirrel feeder on a living tree in your garden, being careful not to hurt the tree. It is important to install the squirrel feeder away from the bird feeder. If you want to install it on your balcony, it is possible to hang it. Remember to fix it well so that it does not fall. Usually, the birdhouse is placed in your garden away from your home. This also applies to the squirrel one.

Two little squirrels eat peanuts

Feeder for squirrel homemade idea for squirrel

Buying a ready-made feeder costs no more than 15 euros. There are also squirrel seed mixtures sold in bags. It is, of course, cheaper and more environmentally friendly to make your squirrel feeder and prepare the seed mixture yourself.

Little corn-eating squirrel sitting in a mini chair

When we say “squirrel”, we often mean the most common genus of rodents in Europe, Sciurus. Often called red squirrel for its reddish-brown color, it is easily recognizable with its tail plume, also red in color. Its color makes it discreet in autumn. Its belly is almost always white. Another species of squirrel, from America, that has invaded Europe isthe gray squirrel. The red squirrel and the grey squirrel are competitors. The latter is very resistant. It quickly invades territories and is undemanding for its food. Indeed, these two species of squirrel hardly coexist together. The red squirrel is threatened by its cousin, the grey squirrel. The latter was only introduced in Europe at the end of the 20th century. For twenty years, the red squirrel has been a protected species. To help preserve it, install a feeder and invite it into your garden!

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A glass feeder to hang by Duncraft

Cute little squirrel that eats seeds

The squirrel is very small. It measures only more than 20 centimeters and weighs only more than 600 grams. The average lifespan of a squirrel is seven years. It rarely descends to the ground. The squirrel spends more than half of its life in trees.

Squirrel feeder made of metal


Making and installing a squirrel feeder in your garden or on your balcony is a wonderful idea. You will help arboreal rodents and their young to get through the winter. In addition, you will actively participate in the preservation of the environment. And who knows, maybe in a few years, thanks to your help, the squirrel will surprise you with the appearance of a new plant species in your garden!

The squirrel – a valuable gardener

Feeder for squirrel idea house squirrel shelter

Small wooden feeder filled with seeds and a happy squirrel

Installing a bird or squirrel feeder in your garden is helping to preserve the environment.

An interesting peanut feeder concept

One of the most common models of feeder is the so-called “mailbox”.


Squirrels love all kinds of seeds and peanuts.


Little squirrel that eats toast

squirrel-garden-nesting box-balcony-garden-idea

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