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as of 28 January 2023 13h52

Conferring an original and personalized luminous identity to its interior is child’s play thanks to the USB LED strip. This accessory whose success has never been denied is the subject of a generous offer and comes in so many different models that we do not know which saint to devote ourselves to. To guide you in your research, our team of experts has based on user feedback and the results of comparative tests to help you choose the best USB LED strip in terms of value for money. Without transition, let’s discover together a TOP 5 of the best USB LED strips available on the market!

What is a USB LED strip?

Who has never wanted to give a touch of originality to his interior thanks to a dynamic, intense and shimmering light decoration, without having to pay a fortune? This is now possible thanks to the USB LED strip, but what exactly is this type of accessory for? How to define it?

To put it simply, a USB LED strip comes in the form of a light strip containing a printed circuit board soldered to LEDs. These LEDs will be able to light up and give a light atmosphere to a room. Although its field of application is extensive, a USB LED strip is usually placed behind a screen, television or computer.

As you would have seen in our comparative test, a USB LED strip has Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity to control it remotely via amobile application. Each manufacturer designs a mobile application compatible with its product. In addition, some USB LED strips come with a remote control for easy setup.

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The types of USB LED strips that exist on the market

Although its design is relatively recent, the USB LED strip has already come in several types, here are the main ones:

The classic LED strip

The most widespread model on the market, and the one that is at the top of comparative tests, the standard LED strip is characterized bythe simplicity of its installation and its accessibility. Inexpensive, it is intended for the general public and is very popular with the less handyman who do not have the patience to set up restrictive installations. Very easy to install, it has a sticker compatible with any type of surface.

The high-brightness LED strip

Equally appreciated by users, the high-brightness LED strip has been the subject of a very generous offer. And for good reason, it is much more powerful than a standard LED strip and thus offers more possibilities in terms of decoration. For example, it may be suitable for decorating much larger spaces than just a bedroom. It is in kitchens, bars and tea rooms that the high-brightness LED strip is usually found.

The ultra-high brightness LED strip

Recently designed, the ultra-high brightness LED strip offers, as its name suggests, a particularly powerful brightness as well as a much wider diffusion beam. Available in several types of different sizes, this type of ribbon is used to decorate large spaces such as a garage, shed or offices. Only downside: this model is available in monochrome only.

How to choose your USB LED strip?

Before buying a USB LED strip, consider the following criteria:

  • The size of the ribbon: The size of a USB LED strip depends on one model to another. From 3 m to 5 m, or even more, it’s up to you to choose a ribbon long enough to allow you to decorate your space properly.
  • The number of LEDs in the meter: in order to obtain a sufficiently powerful light, it is recommended to provide information on the number of LEDs per meter that the light strip contains. Generally, a USB LED strip has 30 to 60 LEDs per meter. This data is decisive in the power and intensity of the light you will get.
  • The number of colors: not all light bands provide the same number of colors. In order for your light decoration to precisely meet your expectations, make sure that your USB LED strip has enough colors. For example, the very first comparison model has 16 million different colors!
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Our opinion on the USB LED strip: decorate your room at a lower price

Here we are at the end of our investigation into the best USB LED strips on the market. As we have seen together, giving a personalized luminous identity to your living space is accessible to all thanks to this innovative accessory in more ways than one. Building on its success, the USB LED strip has been available in several models and manufacturers are making every effort to design increasingly innovative models.

If you hesitate to choose a USB LED strip among the many offers circulating on the market, we recommend that you take a look at our comparison. By the same token, we invite you to consult the rest of our file dedicated to this accessory to know the best criteria to take into account in the purchase of a USB LED strip precisely adapted to your needs.

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