Best Window Bird Feeder In 2023

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VIVOHOME Acrylic Clear Window Bird Feeder with Strong Suction Cups and Sliding Seed Tray

as of 15 December 2022 6h13

Clear Window Bird Feeder for Outside - Window Bird Feeders with Strong Suction Cups, Transparent Bird House, Balcony Glass Mount, Acrylic Cat, Kids & Elderly Viewing Clear Bird Feeder for Window Perch

as of 15 December 2022 6h13

PetFusion Tranquility Window Bird Feeder in Premium Lucite Acrylic. (I) Removable Tray, (II) 3 Perches, Clear

as of 15 December 2022 6h13

Window BIRD FEEDER, Extra Strong Suction Cups, Removable Seed Tray with Drainage Holes to keep seeds dry, +3 Extra suction cups, Acrylic Clear Design to Enjoy Bird Watching in the Comfort of your Home

as of 15 December 2022 6h13

Scare Free Mirrored Window Bird Feeder. See Birds Up Close, Feeding Undisturbed in The Bird Feeder Window. Innovative Window Bird Feeders with Removable Restriction Door Deters Larger Birds

as of 15 December 2022 6h13

in-House Window Feeder! 180° Clear View, Watch & Feed Wild Birds from The Comfort of Your Home! USA Made, Large Opening for Easy Fill of Bird Seed, Made of Weather Resistant PVC (in-House, White)

as of 15 December 2022 6h13

ClearView Deluxe Window Bird Feeder – Unobstructed View with Water, Modern Design with Birds’ Health in Mind, 4 Strong Suction Cups, Dishwasher-Safe

as of 15 December 2022 6h13

Window Bird Feeder with Strong Suction Cups - Innovative Anti-Yellowing Acrylic Technology - Extra Large 4 Cups Seed Tray

as of 15 December 2022 6h13

Coveside Panoramic In-house Window Bird Feeder with Mirrored Panel

as of 15 December 2022 6h13

Feeding wild birds in your garden is an extremely satisfying endeavor, but often you don’t look closely at your feathered friends. With window bird feeders, you simply attach them to a window in your home, giving you a VIP seat to watch the birds eating them. Some nervous birds may be reluctant to feed on a bird feeder at first, but if you look quietly, they should be brave enough to get closer.

We reviewed dozens of window bird feeders to identify the best of the best. To find our favorites, we compared a range of factors, including charger type, size, capacity, and average customer ratings.

After careful consideration, we chose the Nature’s Hangout Window bird feeder as the best option overall. It has excellent customer reviews, good drainage and stays in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are window feeders safe for birds?

Yes, window feeders are safe for birds. In fact, birds are less likely to collide with a window when a feeder is near a window (or stuck directly to it) than when a feeder is between 15 and 30 feet from a window. The birds will spot the feeder and fly towards it, slowing down and landing on it as they approach it, simply preventing them from flying into the window at full speed.

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How to hang a bird feeder in a window?

Window bird feeders are almost universally equipped with suction cups. However, if you want to hang a standard feeder near a window, you can buy suction cup hooks that you attach to the window, and then hang the feeder.

Should bird feeders be in the sun or shade?

Birds tend to prefer to feed in the sun, so we recommend placing a window feeder in a sunny place. However, hummingbird feeders are best placed in the shade because too much sun can spoil hummingbirds’ nectar faster.

How to protect squirrels from a window bird feeder?

The best way to protect squirrels from a bird feeder is to simply position it halfway up a window so that squirrels cannot climb to the feeder from the windowsill or climb from above. The glass is incredibly smooth, making it virtually impossible for squirrels to climb due to a lack of grip. Also, make sure there are no large shrubs or overhanging branches nearby that a squirrel could climb and then jump to enter the feeder.

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