Techniques For Safely Using A Pressure Cooker

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The pressure cooker or pressure cooker is a practical piece of equipment in the kitchen. It makes it possible to make different preparations in no time. However, this utensil requires a lot of precautions to avoid accidents. Here are some techniques to use this product safely at home.

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Respect the volume of liquid to be filled in the pressure cooker

Filling your pressure cooker with a liquid remains basic, but essential in its use. Water is used frequently, but it is not mandatory. There may be a recipe that tells you to pour juice into the pot for more taste. But no matter what liquid you choose, always stick to the following recommendation: put only two-thirds of the total capacity. Be careful not to fill it beyond this volume. Therefore, it is necessary to leave enough space for steam to accumulate in it. In addition, you will avoid obstructing the hole located on the safety valve for better pressure control.

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What to do when there is not enough water

This type of problem often occurs when using a pressure cooker at home. Water can indeed run out when you have put only a little in the pot, which will cause a problem. This is manifested by a burning smell that emanates from the pressure cooker. To remedy this, you stop the heating immediately, removing the utensil from the fire. Then let it cool in the open air before opening it. After that, check that the bottom always remains flat. Your device will hold up if it still is. Otherwise, you will have to get used to the idea that your pressure cooker will no longer work properly. To replace it, find here a selection of the best products.

Check that the lid is closed

After filling the pressure cooker with liquid (water or juice) and food, you can now proceed to the next step. That said, the evaporation phase remains important. It is she who ensures the proper cooking of your ingredients.

When you start, don’t forget to put the lid in place correctly. It must be locked tightly so as not to let the steam out. This leak leads to severe burns if you ever find yourself nearby. The valve whistles automatically to notify you when the maximum safety level is reached.

Cooking to perfection

The steam present in the pressure cooker acts as a food cooker. To simmer in complete serenity, it will be necessary to lower the heat and leave a little time. In this way, you will keep the same degree of pressure throughout the realization. At this precise moment, you time the time needed on the fire noted in the recipe. If you don’t reduce it, the valve will continue to boo and alert you, which is not a good sign for your preparation. So, don’t forget to check the temperature for optimal cooking.

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Safely reduce pressure

When cooking is coming to an end, refrain from opening the casserole immediately. Indeed, the heat released could burn you. Instead, wait until the pressure in the pressure cooker drops. To do this, wait for 10 to 20 minutes before removing the lid. In addition, remove the small cap to gradually decrease the temperature level. The remaining steam is thus released. The other technique is to put the pressure cooker in the sink and water it to cool it. But even if the latter method turns out to be quick, it is not practical if you use an electrical specimen.

A pressure cooker for frying food

Food tastes best when browned before simmering. Especially since many recipes require certain ingredients to go through this step. Onion, spices, garlic or meat become more delicious with a slight browning. This small nuance will give a more pronounced flavor to your preparation. So why deprive yourself of it?

Even if it does not replace a professional fryer, a pressure cooker can also be used to make a good number of frying. To do this, you just need to put oil at the bottom of the tank and boil it. For the little trick, it will be enough to remove the lid during this operation and let the steam escape freely. Make sure you’re far enough away so you don’t get burned.

Some factors to consider

To ensure the level of safety, buy pressure cooker models with the mention NF-PRESSURE COOKERS. It means that it is safe to use, as the pressure cooker has a reliable opening and closing system. This type of utensil resists well to the temperature generated and gives great thermal insulation on the handles. Thanks to this, you do not risk burning your hands when handling this product, even if it is still hot.

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Also avoid putting a pressure cooker on the fire without anyone watching it. You may not control the pressure at this time. Check the pot regularly, as this will keep you out of trouble if the heat ever rises too quickly. Another detail not to ignore, perform frequent washing of this article. Feel free to clean it immediately after using it. Do not leave it dirty for too long, as traces of mold are not easily removed, if any.

Do not neglect instructions

Modern pressure cookers have a wider range of safety options than traditional ones. Their handling is easy thanks to a few additional features. For example, the heat control system integrated into this type of equipment is more efficient. The varied cooking options also allow you to simmer, cook or fry various foods.

But to better handle this device, the delivery box contains a user manual with precise instructions. For your safety, do not neglect them. Unless you learn them by heart, be sure to always keep the card handy. Be aware that all models of electric pressure cookers differ from each other. This will therefore force you to inform yourself about the equipment you buy for optimal security.

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