The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Induction Cooking

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Today, induction hobs are becoming more and more popular in households. Design, practical and safe, this device has many advantages because of its innovative design. Here is a review dedicated to these revolutionary equipment of the modern kitchen space.

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How an induction device works

The principle used by induction cooking is based on a transfer of energy in the form of magnetic waves. The most scientific among us talk about the theory of eddy currents. The equipment usually has a glass-ceramic plate covering a coil of a significant amount of copper.

These elements assembled together are commonly called “the inducers”. During the operation of the device, they create a kind of magnetic field causing the production of electric current at the level of the container placed on the surface. In physics, we speak of joule effect during this genesis and transfer of thermal energies.

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However, for the process to work, a utensil that promotes this interaction would be required. Steel or cast iron equipment is preferred, unlike those made of aluminum, copper, ceramic or glass.

Generally, the induction device heats up to a power varying between 50 W and 4000 W. The latter increases or decreases easily via an electronic system. But also, this kind of plate usually embeds an automatic shut-off mechanism when removing your pan or pot thus limiting the risk of burns during use.

What benefits can be derived from this cooking method?

Induction hobs have multiple advantages in a kitchen. For starters, its glass-ceramic surface gives it a modern and elegant look. The product then provides a stylish aesthetic to your workspace and blends easily with various decorative patterns. It reduces the heating time by much compared to other types of stoves. When it comes to preparation, you’ll spend less time cooking, save energy, and maintain the nutritional benefits of your meals throughout the year.

The use of this type of fire considerably restricts the appearance of hazards in your room. Unlike gas stoves that produce incandescent flames, the induction hob does not emit any. The cooking area is limited to the surface in contact with your utensil.

This safety aspect significantly reduces the risk of fires and burns, especially if you have children at home. As soon as you remove the pan or other container from the plate, it switches off instantly without you even having to intervene and the inductors quickly drop in temperature.

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In addition to this, they also have an interesting energy efficiency. Since the surface only heats the material in contact with it, the process prevents energy loss. Therefore, the use of this type of device will help you save money on your end-of-month bill.

As far as maintenance is concerned, this phase does not involve the slightest difficulty. The glass-ceramic panel can easily be cleaned with a cloth or a slightly moistened sponge.

Do induction cooking have any limitations?

Induction hobs don’t just have advantages. They also have significant disadvantages.

  • Because of their performance, these devices are relatively more expensive to buy compared to other categories. In this case, prepare a large budget for the acquisition of a device.
  • In addition, this equipment remains selective in terms of the container to be used on the heating zone. They are only compatible with aninduction panor a pot of the same nature. Aluminium, glass, copper or ceramic elements are to be excluded. You will therefore need to invest in special accessories made of stainless steel or cast iron. Note that these items still cost a fortune especially if you order a whole series. This will put a huge strain on your expenses.
  • Although the glass-ceramic surface remains robust and heat resistant, it is not immune to cracking or falling apart due to lack of vigilance. Handle your plate gently at all times, because even if it seems harmless, a tiny breach or malfunction will cause a loss of efficiency and rapid deterioration of the whole. As a result, your tool will go directly into the storage room.
  • As this type of panel generates a magnetic field, there are also risks that it impacts the performance of electrical devices near your worktop.
  • The absence of flames also does not allow the preparation of certain recipes such as barbecues. In addition, these models are often recommended for indoor use.
  • Operating from a mains connection, induction devices become inoperative in the event of a power failure.
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How to get a good induction hob?

At the time of purchase, several criteria are to be considered in order to find the appropriate model for your expectations. And to start, take an interest in the space available in your kitchen. Thus, in this way, you will easily accommodate the size of your future equipment with its installation surface. You will then limit clutter in the room.

The power developed by your device is also among the elements to consider. Although induction hobs heat up quickly, this parameter determines their efficiency and performance. You will be able to take advantage of a relative saving of time when cooking. The more you turn to a powerful model, the less likely you are to save in terms of energy consumption.

The measurements of the cooking surface are also to be adapted to the size of your containers and pans. Indeed, if you are used to cooking daily for many people, make sure to choose a material that meets the capacity of your utensils.

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