The Best Can Openers Of 2023

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A can opener is a common utensil that we all find in our kitchen drawer. We need at all costs this daily essential for aperitifs and family lunches. But, between the multiple variations that exist on the market, we no longer know which one to choose. Thus, the main thing is to focus on the practicality of the machine. We take into account its manufacturing materials and ease of use. As a suggestion, theRosenstein & Sohne NC2930-944stands out for its ease of use and easy handling. The presence of the magnet on the device allows you to open the box without touching its contents. The rechargeable battery allows you to use it repeatedly on a daily basis. Tefal K2070514 Ingenio Can Opener kitchen utensilalso impresses with its ergonomics and versatility. He gets rid of canned goods and bottles of beer and soda.

KitchenAid Classic Multifunction Can Opener / Bottle Opener, 8.34-Inch, Black

as of 26 January 2023 12h03

Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener: Open Your Cans with A Simple Push of Button - Smooth Edge, Food-Safe and Battery Operated Handheld Can Opener(Red)

as of 26 January 2023 12h03

Zyliss Lock N' Lift Can Opener - Manual Can Opener with Locking Mechanism - Safe Magnetic Can Opener - Easy-to-Turn Can Opener - White/Gray

as of 26 January 2023 12h03

Hamilton Beach (76606ZA) Smooth Touch Electric Automatic Can Opener with Easy Push Down Lever, Opens All Standard-Size and Pop-Top Cans, Extra Tall, Black and Chrome

as of 26 January 2023 12h03

Gorilla Grip Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Smooth Edge Manual Hand Held Can Opener With Soft Touch Handle, Rust Proof Oversized Handheld Easy Turn Knob, Best Large Lid Openers for Kitchen, Black

as of 26 January 2023 12h03

POHL SCHMITT Electric Can Opener, Knife Sharpener and Bottle Opener, Easy Push Down Lever, Black

as of 26 January 2023 12h03

OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener

as of 26 January 2023 12h03

Mebotem 10 Colors Can Opener Manual Handheld Heavy Duty Hand Can Opener Smooth Edge Comfortable Grip Safety Can Openers, Oversized Easy Turn Knob, Sharp Cutting Wheel, Built in Bottle Opener, Black

as of 26 January 2023 12h03

Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener, Black

as of 26 January 2023 12h03

OXO Good Grips Soft-Handled Manual Can Opener

as of 26 January 2023 12h03
Buying Guide

The market is full of canned foods. To be able to enjoy these delicacies, it becomes essential to obtain reliable merchandise from the best brand of can openers. Practical, ergonomic, simple to use… Multiple criteria must be taken into account to be able to find this rare pearl. Thus, do not hesitate to draw inspiration from thefollowing tips to be able to orient yourself without difficulty.


To avoid wasting energy on jars that are difficult to open, a revolutionary can opener must be used. Brands continue to offer multiple variations of these tools. There is no shortage of alternatives. Only, to find a device corresponding to everyone’s expectations, a cheap model for example, it is important to take into consideration the design of the utensil. On this characteristic often depends the ease of use of the article. Its aesthetics also count even if it is often found in the kitchen drawer.


This point determines the ease of use of the machine. Thus, before defining which can opener to choose, it is important to measure its weight and format. For electric models, professionals prioritize ovals. With this structure, you can easily hold and manipulate the device without risking your fingers. Other examples are revealed with a solid base and non-slip feet that hold them in place. Those who do not use the product on a daily basis should prefer equipment that is compact and does not clutter the kitchen.


Among the alternatives on the market, there are the devices that follow you everywhere. With its compact size, the tool can accompany us to outdoor excursions or holidays. Often, these bits cost less than their peers.

In addition, variations are integrated directly on the table or on the kitchen worktop. These are aimed at catering professionals. They appreciate them for their high efficiency, their practicality, but also and particularly their resistance. These tools remain straight despite intensive use. However, we can not deny their rather unreasonable price (from about thirty euros and which can reach peaks).

The mechanism

Electric: The smart kitchen makes our lives much easier. Thus, electric can openers are part of this range. Their mode of operation relieves us of any effort, whatever it may be. All it takes is a simple press of the control button and the device does the job on its own. We just have to wait for it to be over. In a few seconds, we discover the contents of the can without lifting a finger.

Manual, wheel or other: Nothing forces conservatives to turn to electric instruments. Many brands produce equipment that works manually. These accessories show many advantages in use. Their designs have been improved to reduce the effort required and the cranks are becoming more sophisticated.

In addition, it is also noted that these devices have a longer lifespan. The majority of these tools are made of sturdy metal. For this purpose, they are resistant to time, shocks and corrosion. They do not rust if properly maintained.

Job safety and maintenance

This point always occupies great importance in a buying guide for the best can openers. As the element uses dangerous blades, one must consider how to avoid injury during use. Many brands have also looked into the issue. The solution lies in the ease of use of the tool: their automatism. Spread your fingers away from the blade. The opening process must take place on its own, without the hands getting a little too involved. It is then necessary to favor devices that immobilize the box alone.

In addition, before you pay for any model, also think about how the tool is maintained. Without regular cleaning, the can opener blades may rust. Corrosion also reduces the effectiveness of the device. To avoid getting to these ends, wash the device from time to time or at least the metal tip that does all the work. A sponge soaked in detergent and a little rinsing and drying are enough to keep it intact. In an electric version, remember to check if its blade holders are removable.


Q1: How does a can opener work?

It depends on the model you have. Some that are electric work with a control knob. Simply place them above the box and press it. The device is then responsible for cutting the lid in one turn.

Manual models work with the help of wheels. We start by correctly placing the box on the structure. It is adjusted to the size of the can and the crank is turned so that the blade operates.

Q2: How do I use a can opener?

It depends on the device. If you use a manual can opener without a wheel, all the work is done by hand. Take the device between the fingers, gently place the blade of the tool above the jar. We press to introduce it into the structure and we go around the circle while remaining vigilant. For versions equipped with an engine, simply place them on the box so that the work is done alone and without any assistance.

Q3: How do I open a can without a can opener?

The first solution encourages us to turn to a knife. We need a sturdy and sharp utensil. It is placed on the edges of the box. It is held with one hand and taken care of the canning with the other. This set is tapped on a rigid support or directly on the floor. This results in a small opening. The lid is gently sawn along the edge of the can. Once you have done the rounds, gently remove the flap and pour the contents into a plate. You have to be careful because without the right gestures, you risk hurting yourself with the blades of the knife or the very perimeter of the can.

The other solution is to rub the tin can on concrete. We start by turning the jar upside down, on the sidewalk for example. Its edges are worn out by rubbing it on it. We keep this rhythm over two to three minutes. And just press the edges so that the top removes itself. It is necessary to operate gently to prevent the jar from exploding and the inside from pouring everywhere.  

Q4: How do I use a wheel opener?

Simply gently turn the wheel to make the blade move around the lid. She cuts it gently, while smoothing the edges. Many of us are mistaken in proceeding vertically. But, try to keep the device horizontal. This makes it easier to proceed.

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