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Colanders differ from each other according to their uses, components and structures. Each task relates to a specific piece of equipment. To properly drain pasta or sauces, we need the right product. Thus, for non-connoisseurs, it seems difficult to determine which one to choose. To find the best, we focus on the nature of the raw materials that form it, its degree of practicality and ergonomics. Among the options, there isRösle RS23218 in 18/10 stainless steel. This Chinese is appreciated for its ease of use and robustness. There’s alsoLiveFresh LF2015COwhich displays quality just by the sight of its solid premium handles.

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How to choose a good sieve?

Always present in our cupboards, the strainers are a great help to us to succeed our good dishes. They accompany us in each of our preparations. We need it to design our starters, our herbal teas, our teas and especially our desserts. Between the different options that flow on the market, you have to know how to turn to the best product. Here are our tips to assist you in this quest.

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Buying Guide


The first characteristic that separates each of these elements is size. A small colander or tiny devices are usually reserved for drinks and liquid consistencies such as soups or soups. They are suitable for making tea, herbal tea or for filtering fresh fruit juices. Their compatibility with cups or cups depends on their sizes. This increases their practicality since it is enough to hang the tool directly on the edges of the container to keep your hands free.

As for medium and large models, they become indispensable in our daily preparations. We use them to rinse our vegetables, salads and especially our fruits. Pastry chefs use it to sift their flour or to sprinkle icing sugar on pastries. Their capacity is therefore an essential point to address before purchasing any specimen.

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Diversity in design and style

In this category, we refer to the aesthetics of the product. We should not get a model that we do not like. Indeed, the scope and technical details that refer to the structure of the article vary depending on the brand.

Some brands have a modern and more contemporary design. Other houses prefer to stay in the traditional by offering classic tools, but which are distinguished by the nature of their raw materials and the quality of their finishes. There are also two-in-one products: a salad bowl as a base and a sieve that fits on top. The most basic and easy to use are the models with strainers.

Safety and hygiene in use

A buying guide for the best strainers must mention this property. A quality tool undeniably has a minimum of security. In this case, this translates into rubber handles. The addition of these accessories on the structure protects the person from the risk of burns. This detail is more common when it comes to tea strainers or when using the device to blanch vegetables or fruits.

In addition, for reasons of practicality and hygiene, promote the use of strainers with feet that suspend the container in height. Models without a base support put the holed bottom of the salad bowl in direct contact with the table. Food stored inside is sure to touch the kitchen work surface.

Manufacturing materials

Often, stainless steel items are encountered. This material is preferred by major brands for its degree of resistance and robustness. With the right treatments, a utensil designed in stainless steel is not likely to deteriorate after a few uses. It remains future-proof and immutable for many years.

Plastic copies have a shorter lifespan. Their strengths lie in their ease of use and convenient maintenance. Foldable specimens are nevertheless in vogue and arouse people’s lust. They are easily moved and do not occupy considerable space in the kitchen cupboards.

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The different types of strainers

Among the options that appear in the comparison, the Chinese are timeless. This type of colander is distinguished by its shape, design and utility. He works in particular to succeed in sauces. Established in an elongated and conical structure, it has thousands of holes that stretch from its height to its slit. It is ideal for making sauces with fish carcasses. The format of the tool allows the cook to grind the food to bring out the juice.

As for the classic colanders, they reveal themselves in half-moon with perforations on the base. There are plastic models with nylon wires or steel models designed with stainless steel strainer. There are also the sieves, cheesecloth, drainer lid, clip-on prototypes or the simplest drying grid.


Q1: How do I use a cocktail strainer?

We start by immersing all the ingredients in the container. We cover everything with the flap. Stirred to obtain a homogeneous mixture. And we pour the inside into a glass without having to remove the flap from the instrument.

Q2: How to sprinkle without strainer?

For this task, we rely on the tricks of grandmothers. Just take a skimmer and add icing sugar or flour. We place it on top of the cake, worktop or pastry and we start to give small strokes on one side of the utensil with the other hand. The fine material will settle and spread over the entire surface.

Q3: How do I clean a colander?

Some brands offer items that are maintained directly in the dishwasher. To refurbish them, simply disassemble them and integrate them into the machine. They can be cleaned with other kitchen accessories. At the exit of the machine, it can then be stored in a drawer to better preserve it.

If the instrument is not compatible with this kind of treatment, it can always be made new using the old methods. We just need to take a basin of water, a little detergent and a sponge. We proceed by hand, taking care to clean the inside and outside of the article. And finally, do not forget to rinse the whole and dry it with a cloth.

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Q4: Why use a Chinese colander?

It is a derivative of drainer that assists us in the realization of creamy sauces. Chefs use it to prepare garnishes based on fish carcasses.

The conical shape with a slot with multiple holes makes it easy to draw the juice contained in the food in a few seconds. It helps us to design a smooth preparation. Its use is not reserved only for this outcome. It can also be used to obtain tea.

Q5: How to drain rice without a colander?

The easiest way to do this is to get a clean and fine linen. This technique comes from the time of our grandparents and also works effectively in the absence of this type of accessory.

On top, instead of the lid of the container in which the rice has been washed, a clean cloth is added. It is fixed on the edges. The inside is dried by turning the container upside down. Leave it as it is until there is not a single drop dripping. If necessary, stir gently from left to right.

Q6: How do I remove rust on a strainer?

To deal with this type of problem, there are several options. Choose the tip that suits you according to the products you have at hand. Mix baking soda with a little water to get some kind of paste. The surface concerned is covered and allowed to sit overnight. In the morning, the accessory is cleaned with an iron straw and rinsed thoroughly.

Natural lemon juice can also be used to remedy rust. Simply soak the entire affected area and wait a few hours before rinsing.

Colander, sieve, Chinese – what to choose for my cooking?

A resistant strainer

Indispensable in a kitchen, the colander provides an essential function in culinary matters. It is used to extract water from cooked or uncooked ingredients. Thus, pasta, fruits and vegetables do not survive.

There are different versions on the market. To give you an overview, here is our list of the best products.

Some are made of plastic, hence their featherweight. This makes them easier to handle. In addition, they cost less than iron models. Their only flaw concerns longevity: these variants wear out quite quickly compared to others. Steel or stainless steel strainers are resistant. They promise you several years of good and loyal service. But also, they make excellent kitchen ornaments. Their shiny metallic appearance pleases the eyes of all.

In both cases, opt for an ergonomic model. Those equipped with handle offer a good grip. This is because it minimizes the risk of an incident when filtering hot water. By using such a tool, you save your fingers from contact with the heating steel. Apart from that, a variant with feet is highly recommended.

The last born of all is called the bouillon passoire. It is a version providing two functions at the same time. It allows you to store both the juice (below) and the flesh (on the surface) with the same filter.

Retractable strainer and drainer

The interest of a retractable strainer is especially its location. Once the item is unused, you can fold it without any problem. Thus, it will be half of its normal thickness. Following this, it fits into any closet without taking up too much space.

In terms of price, count around ten euros to offer you. At this price, you are free to choose between a tray-shaped version or with a rounded border. Moreover, there are all colors: red, black, green, red or gray.

Regarding the drainer, it is in the form of a lid with several small holes. It settles on top of your pan. Thus, it is enough to tilt the container so that all the liquid pours into the sink or a bowl.

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There is also a variant called clip drainer. Unlike the first, this one occupies only part of the opening of the pot. So to filter the water, you will have to lean it on the right side and that’s it. Admittedly, this method remains slow yet, it offers a certain advantage.

Indeed, thanks to this invention, food no longer passes from one container to another. This will keep the preparation hot even after a few minutes. But above all it saves you from keeping your hands on the colander and on the pot at the same time. The accessory embeds fasteners that immobilize it on the latter.

A colander spoon

The skimmer spoon intervenes for frying. In this case, it is used to remove the fritters from your frying pan. For this reason, it is resistant to a very high temperature. The manufacturer has designed it to withstand boiling oil.

Generally, this kind of filter is derived from stainless steel. As a result, it is not likely to rust even in extreme conditions. However, with prolonged use, it will lose its luster.

To make the right choice, think about the size of it. If you are a lover of fried foods (chicken fritters or crunchy vegetables for example), a wide spoon will suit you perfectly. Thus, at the end of each cooking you will bring up a considerable amount of food.

Also look at the comfort of use. The longer the spoon, the more heat it dissipates. Otherwise, if it is small, make sure it has at least one palm guard. The latter will guarantee your protection against burns.

A Chinese

Chinese is recognizable by its conical shape and its smaller dimensions than those of a colander. In terms of use, it contributes to the realization of sauce. Thanks to this tool, you will extract all the flavor from your fish, tomatoes or others. Not all the edges and pulps pass through this filter, only the juice passes through it.

A Chinese plastic is more flexible than a stainless steel model. On the other hand, it lacks solidity compared to the latter. It’s up to you to balance between longevity, practicality and price. The two types of products do not display the same price.

The small problem with this filter is the location. If you hang it on the wall, the tip will take up too much space. So it’s a bad idea to put it that way. The same applies if you put it on the table.

As a solution, consider acquiring the right support. Generally, this item is sold independently of the filter. By having this component in your kitchen, your cone will position itself correctly in a horizontal position, without being in contact with the surface.

A sieve

As the name suggests, this element is used to sieve. All powdery components like flour pass through it. This saves you from lumps in your preparations. When making your choice, the size of it is important.

For family use, a sieve with a diameter of 20 cm works very well. The largest items are mostly dedicated to those who make a living from pastry. The reason is that they process a good amount of flour and other ingredients daily so due to lack of size, it slows down their production.

Also, prioritize an item with an interchangeable disc. Thanks to this, you save yourself from buying a new tool a little too frequently. Plus, instead of having multiple similar appliances filling the kitchen, you get a versatile model.

Regarding the manufacturing material, you will easily find products in steel, aluminum, stainless steel and even wood. The latter is quite thick therefore, favorable for the grip. And above all, it does not emit any noise with each use.

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