The Best Glass Jars Of 2023

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Due to their ecological and economical aspect, glass jars are part of the utilitarian accessories in a home. Their functionality is not only limited to the preservation of food in the kitchen, they also serve in the storage of various inedible items and in decoration. Thus, it will be necessary to choose its equipment at the time of purchase or at least turn to products that already have a certain success with consumers. To enlighten you in this acquisition, our first suggestion is onMeckily lot of 24which is one of the most complete glass jars in terms of accessories. Then there isIkea Korkenwhich has seduced more than one thanks to its large capacity and reinforced lid.

Ball 16001 Ball 16 Oz Drinking Jars

as of 5 December 2022 19h10

Vivaplex, 12, Clear, 4 oz Glass Bottles, with Lids

as of 5 December 2022 19h10

FastRack 1-1 Gallon Wide Mouth Mason Jar, Clear

as of 5 December 2022 19h10

Apothecary Jars Bathroom Storage Organizer - Cute Qtip Dispenser Holder Vanity Canister Jar Glass with Lid for Cotton Swabs,Rounds,Bath Salts,Makeup Sponges,Hair Accessories/Black(2 PACK)

as of 5 December 2022 19h10

Circleware Mini Mason Jar Heavy Base Shot Glasses, Set of 6, Fun Party Home Entertainment Dining Beverage Drinking Glassware Tumbler Whiskey Coffee Espresso Liquor Bar Jello Cups, Block, 4.9 oz

as of 5 December 2022 19h10

Elk and Friends Kids & Toddler Cups | The Original Glass Mason jars 8 oz with Silicone Sleeves & Silicone Straws with Stoppers | Smoothie Cups | Spill Proof Sippy Cups for Toddlers

as of 5 December 2022 19h10

(90 Pack) 7ml Low Profile Thick Glass Containers with Black Lids - Jars for Oil, Lip Balm, Wax, Cosmetics

as of 5 December 2022 19h10

Weck Jars - Weck Tulip Jars 1 Liter - Large Sour Dough Starter Jars - Tulip Jar with Wide Mouth - Suitable for Canning and Storage - 2 Sourdough Jars with (Jars, Glass Lids & Keep Fresh Covers)

as of 5 December 2022 19h10

Style Setter Canister Set 3-Piece Glass Jars in 34oz, 44oz & 54oz Retro Design w/ Airtight Lids for Cookies, Candy, Coffee, Flour, Sugar, Rice, Pasta, Cereal & More

as of 5 December 2022 19h10
Buying Guide

Glass jars are used for different activities at home. Versatile and multifunctional, these equipment are mainly intended for food preservation while other people use them as a decorative object or to optimize the storage of some accessories. For this reason alone, it is important to focus on different criteria before embarking on a price comparator.

Nature of use

On this point, the first advice of connoisseurs is often focused on the consideration of the use for which the equipment will be intended. To do this, you need to know if you plan to use it as a decorative object or as a material for storing and preserving your food.

For the first case, it will serve in the ornament of the room or to highlight the style of the furniture or furniture on which the container will sit. Here, tinted glass is preferred. This type of structure was not designed to receive food since the paint tends to chip over time and may contain elements harmful to health if ingestion of lead or cadmium.

In the second case, we suggest transparent models. The food inside can be recognized at a glance. In addition, they are not afraid of sterilization processes to ensure good hygiene during reuse.


To find out how to choose the best glass jars of 2022, you should not forget to take stock of the capacity of the equipment to acquire. In general, this criterion will depend on the nature of the elements you put in it once the container is in your possession.

In the trade, manufacturers offer various modules with different capacities. Depending on what you plan to store inside, you will find materials with reduced volume from 3 cl to 10 cl. They are intended for the preservation of spices and condiments of all kinds. Then, you will have to deal with standard containers of 10 cl to 30 cl for jams, marmalades, verrines and culinary preparations of this type. If you plan to store food of a large quantity, you can turn to jars of more than 50 cl or even 200 cl to 300 cl.


Again, taking into consideration the shape of your future equipment will depend on the nature of the items you will store in it. We do not fail to emphasize this parameter in a buying guide for the best glass jars.

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But also, note that on the market, you will be spoiled for choice regarding the appearance of your container. However, take into account that if you plan to keep spaghetti for example, you have to select an item advancing a more or less elongated look. For liquid foods, we recommend rounded models. The latter remain easy to maintain, because the configuration does not allow the accumulation of food in the bottom. Dry food is best stored in containers with square edges.

The locking system

How to buy a glass jar with a better price-quality ratio? In order to be able to answer this question properly, you have to focus on the type of closure present on the lid.

At first, you will find the equipment with a metal caliper. The particularity of these models lies in their robustness against wear factors. They are accompanied by a rubber gasket ensuring the hermeticity of the whole. They easily support sterilization processes and remain reusable at will after each interview. They are used in the preservation of dry food or culinary preparations simmered at home.

In a second step, you can come across the materials with threaded cover. They are handled like a screw. They are also waterproof, but quite difficult to clean due to the fact that residue and moisture can lodge between the grooves if you are not careful when washing.

Finally, you can meet specimens with lids designed as a natural element: cork or bamboo. They are intended for the short-term preservation of perishable goods. They are mostly preferred by users who tend to store spices and dried fruits. They are not suitable for sterilization processes. However, this type of closure is the least expensiveamong the mechanisms outlined above. However, although their cost is accessible, they remain just as efficient in terms of hermeticity and waterproofness.


Q1: How do I sterilize glass jars?

If you don’t use a sterilizer, you can always turn to the utensils you’ll find in your kitchen. To sterilize your glass jars, you’ll need a pan that can hold your accessories without stacking them on top of each other. Clean them with your usual cleaning products such as soap or dishwashing liquid using a non-abrasive sponge. Rinse.

Then pour water into the pan and bring it to a boil after immersing the jars inside. The height of the water should be about 5 cm above the jars. Allow 10 to 15 minutes before extinguishing the fire. Let them cool in water and wipe them with a clean cloth. Be sure to place them in a place at room temperature while waiting for reuse. For the lids, you will only need to soak them in hot water and let them air dry afterwards so as not to damage the joints.

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Q2: How do I decorate glass jars?

As the glass jar can also be used as a decorative object, know that there are a thousand and one ways to transform it. The limit will be your creativity. For example, you can paint the walls with acrylic paint or spray paint. Make sure you have thoroughly cleaned and dried the structure beforehand.

Then, apply yourself with a brush to make the background as the patterns. At least two layers will be required. Wait until the first has dried before laying the second. You can also start with hot glue, adhesive stencils or self-adhesive papers. If you prefer to keep its transparent side, you can integrate plants to transform the container into a terrarium, or insert a lamp to transform it into a luminous jar.

Q3: How do I clean the iron in glass jars?

The metal parts of the glass jar are often prone to rust. To prevent this, be sure to clean these components separately. To do this, put them in a container like a saucepan or basin and scatter baking soda on top. Add white vinegar and you will see a chemical reaction in the form of a white foam. Leave on and rinse the elements with hot water. Dry them immediately to prevent the formation of new rust stains.

Q4: How do I open glass jars?

Run the lid under hot water before patting it with the palm of your hand. You can also wrap it with an elastic band to make it easier to grip and remove the slippery effect.

Q5: How do I remove glue from labels on glass jars?

Soak the jar in water overnight. In the morning, you only have to remove the label by hand and wipe the remaining glue with a sponge.

Q6: How do I deodorize glass jars?

To get rid of unpleasant odors from inside your jar, soak the container in white vinegar overnight. Let dry and rinse thoroughly with water. A tablespoon of baking soda that you dilute in water will also do the trick. Pour the solution into the jar and wait overnight before rinsing it.

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