The Best Kitchen Utensils Of 2023

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To cook according to the rules of the art, there is nothing better than to equip yourself well. The choice of utensils should not be done blindly. Many criteria come into play, namely maneuverability, durability, resistance and especially the health impact. If you feel a little lost in the face of the abundance of models available, refer to the articles below. Octopus Kitchenware Mr. Spaghetti & Friends Set of Kitchen Utensilsamazes buyers with its original and clever design that facilitates its storage and allows to decorate the room that hosts it at the same time. In parallel with this product, Aoosy Japanese Wooden Kitchen Utensilshas a quality composition in natural teak. It is ideal for those who fear being contaminated by the different alloys present on the market.

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Buying Guide

Many accessories appeal to us when we like to cook properly. There are an infinity of models simplifying preparations. If there are basics, we also meet professionals. This concerns all tastes and budgets. To help you discover the one that’s right for you, read our buying guide for the best cookware.

Preferred materials

They have an influence on your health, cooking as well as the taste of food. Therefore, take the time to locate the best investment for you. Among the best-sellers, stainless steel is wreaking havoc in the trade. We cross different types, but the 10/18 category is gaining ground. In addition to its durability, it is prized for its chemical inertness. It does not migrate hazardous products, regardless of the context.

Those who suffer from nickel allergy only have to opt for 18/0. In any case, stainless steel accessories have multiple advantages. Not only are they unbreakable, but they are also easy to maintain. If you bet on the practical side, aluminum stands out for its lightness. It provides good maneuverability. Similarly, it is dishwasher safe without weakening. Comparing it to the first component, it conducts heat very well. As it is one of the soft metals, however, it is criticized for its fragility.

If you want to make a long-term investment, cast iron items last for many years. Admittedly, they are a bit expensive, but their durability justifies their price. In addition, this material does not transmit any products harmful to health. It is perfect for simmering food. However, its disadvantage lies in the complication of its maintenance. Incompatible with the dishwasher, it requires a good wipe and a few drops of oil after each cleaning.

Most great chefs prefer copper. It helps them to achieve cooking that is both healthy and authentic. However, it oxidizes easily with heat. That’s why manufacturers line it with stainless steel. For those who prioritize environmental protection, raw wood is a good alternative. It has not undergone any chemical treatment. Because of this, it promises healthy and reliable cooking.

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Define your needs

To avoid falling on a product that is useless to you, determine your cooking habits. If you are working on an induction plate, find the corresponding instruments. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting your money on an item that’s not worth it. You can choose between ferromagnetic stainless steel and cast iron. They are suitable for this cooking appliance.

For those who are used to dicing, ringing, strips and others, start looking for suitable utensils. If you like sharp knives, be aware that they may hurt you especially if you prepare a lot to eat. Choose instruments with a security system.

There are a number of accessories designed for pastry lovers. You need suitable sockets, rollers, molds and many more. When selecting, do not forget to think about their storage. They should not be scattered all over your worktop.

Design and practicality

Although utensils shine especially for their daily usefulness, their aesthetic side should not be neglected. Many manufacturers take care of them meticulously to transform them into decorative objects in your kitchen. To make a good choice, select the styles that fit the look of the room. In front of the many colorful items, favor the ones that suit you the most.

There is nothing like favoring a kit accompanied by a storage rack. With this accessory you enjoy a well-organized kitchen. Some brands do not include it in the package, but they add at least one hole to the handle to make it easier to hang tools.

The number of accessories supplied

This criterion depends on your use of utensils. If you like to vary your cooking, you definitely need many tools. Some manufacturers present models with 40 different parts. They are more than enough to work properly. Others contain only the most essential elements. If you are not demanding enough, you can favor them. The varied instruments only clutter your kitchen table.


Q1: How do I remove rust from a kitchen utensil?

Whether made of steel, stainless steel or aluminum, these accessories end up encountering rust problems years later. Ladles, knives, cookie cutters or whips, nothing can escape them especially after their incessant passage in the dishwasher. Faced with this situation, many resort to practical tricks such as baking soda. Just immerse the cutlery in a bath filled with it overnight. It will become like new in the morning.

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The potato is also a great success on damaged utensils. The starch contained in it acts against rust. To extract it, you just have to cut it in half. Then you rub the part to be treated. Once done, rinse the instrument and wipe it with a cloth. Another more classic, but also more effective technique is lemon. Its citric acid revives the brilliance of the utensil. You squeeze its juice and immerse the accessory inside.

Q2: What material for kitchen utensils?

There are many elements used in these instruments. They should not be randomly selected since they have an impact on your health. In addition, they determine the durability and ease of maintenance of the model.

So far, stainless steel has conquered the majority, thanks to its total chemical inertness. This mixture of chromium, iron, nickel and carbon does not diffuse any toxic substances into dishes. In addition, it has good impact resistance. Instruments obtained from this type of finish can be cleaned without problem in the machine.

If you have a limited budget during the purchase, go for aluminum accessories. Many enjoy cooking with it because of their lightness. On the other hand, you still have to be careful when handling them, because they are more fragile.

Wood is beginning to arouse admiration in more and more homes. In addition to its ecological value, this finish is also hygienic. It has a natural ability to reduce the development of bacteria. This material is used in hot and cold dishes. Despite shocks, it does not deform easily.

For lovers of traditional tools, cast iron is an interesting choice. It stands out for its long lifespan. However, it requires more specific maintenance. In addition to these components, you can also opt for copper, ceramic and plastic.

Q3: How do I use silicone cookware?

Their use does not represent a danger to your health. This material is not likely to react with the ingredients. However, some precautions must be respected. It is advisable not to expose it to high temperatures, above 230 ° C. Otherwise, this condition tends to melt it.

If you use this type of molds, you do not have to grease them. The food doesn’t stick to it. However, the first handling requires oiling with butter. You can also wash utensils with soapy water.

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