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The usefulness of a masher is no longer to be proven in a kitchen. This equipment will save you a practical time in your culinary preparations composed mainly of vegetable or fruit puree. But at the time of purchase, several parameters must be taken into account such as design, type or manufacturing material. According to consumers, theKenwood HDP401WHmeets these criteria. It also includes a set of modules that ensures its multifunctionality. For its part, theBetterDay PP-171fascinates with its robustness with its stainless steel structure.

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Buying Guide


This equipment is not lacking on a price comparator. They come in all shapes and colors. And when choosing a kitchen utensil like a masher, it’s best to pay attention to the design. Indeed, a material pleasant to look at always encourages us to use it. Therefore, first turn to specimens that will blend easily with the decoration of your interior and all your tools. In addition to providing visual comfort, you will not tire of using it, whatever the circumstances.

As for the dimensions, you have to plan the space you have before buyingyour product. Here, we are talking not only about your work plan, but also about where you will store it. Make sure to select a reference to measurements that will not clutter you or cause you any trouble when you put it aside between two uses.

The type

In a buying guide for the best juicers, we will not forget to advise you on the type of equipment appropriate to your needs. And on the market, you will come across two main categories which are: manual and electric models.

The hand tools reproduce the mechanism used by our grandmothers of yesteryear. But if some still include the crank system, others have turned to a more practical and innovative design with worked and ergonomic handles. They do, however, deliver similar results in terms of puree texture. When it is released, the latter will take more the form you want.

It is possible to use them at any time as they remain operational even in the event of a power failure. Usually, they also remain simple to maintain, because you just have to send them to the dishwasher to get rid of the residue. However, they can quickly become tiring if you prepare a large amount of food.

As for electrical devices, you just have to press a button and wait for the process to complete. In this second case, you will still have to watch your recipe if you do not want to end up with a mashed with a pasty consistency. If you decide to turn to a plug-in specimen, we recommend references with an intensity adjuster. In this way, you can easily accommodate it to the type of food to be pureed.

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Manufacturing material and accessories

If you want to know how to choose the best juicers of 2022, you will also need to take stock of the design material of your future equipment. In the trade, you will mainly deal with two distinct elements: stainless steel and plastic.

Respectively, the first is a good compromise between robustness and durability. It is effectively resistant to the effects of moisture, and it remains constantly present in a kitchen. It does not deteriorate easily and in the process, it is maintained with simplicity. In a second step, plastic does not have the same criteria of strength as stainless steel, but remains convenient to handle thanks to its lightness. It is also more accessible in terms of price and is suitable for consumers with a fairly limited budget in their quests.

In any case, make sure that the coating of your utensil does not contain substances that could alter your state of health. By focusing on the practicality, you will determine how to buy a puree juicer with a better price-quality ratio. For this parameter, we emphasize in particular the ergonomics during its use.

Designers have installed non-slip structures on their equipment. This in order to simplify their handling and avoid slipping between your fingers during your activity. Others have equipped their devices with eyelets at the handle for easy storage. Manufacturers on their side integrate interchangeable accessories into their device so that it can perform additional tasks besides the realization of puree.


Q1: How does a masherwork?

The mode of operation of this type of equipment remains relatively simple. It usually has a handle that serves as a lever or holding system. In the first case, you are dealing with specimens with a small container in which you will put the pieces to be crushed. By tightening the handles, you will activate the descent of a mechanism that will grind food. The preparation will then slide through the perforations of the grid from below.

In a second case, the model will be provided with a plate attached to a long handle. Here you only have to put the food in a bowl and press over the tool to make your puree.

Q2: How do I use a masher?

First, you will need to determine the amount of food to prepare. Whether vegetables or fruits, be sure to boil them beforehand after breaking them up. You will find that they are well cooked by the time you easily push a fork into them. For lever models, you have to arrange the food in the receptacle and start pressing the handle. The gesture will cause the disc to descend and consequently the crushing of the food that you then receive on a dish.

For electrical appliances, the first step is also recommended. However, you do not have to make any effort since the machine is responsible for grinding the pieces. However, you will need to be attentive to the texture so that it does not become too creamy.

Q3: How do I mount a masher?

For an electrical device, the assembly mainly concerns the feet to be connected to the engine block. To do this, you have to hold the assembly straight to position the fastening system. Once in place, make a quarter turn inward, i.e. clockwise to activate the locking mechanism. In general, a slight press of a dedicated button is used to detach the module.

For manual specimens, the process is carried out in stages. To begin, assemble the handle with the disc or grid. The combination can be accomplished using a clip or a screw system. Then attach the container that acts as a receptacle to your food to grind and voila.

Q4: How do I make puree without a masher?

There is no shortage of alternatives in a kitchen to make a puree without using your tool. Indeed, you can turn to everyday utensils such as forks or spoons. First, you have to piece the food in question.

Then put the fragments in water and bring it to a boil until the food is cooked through. For potatoes, count up to thirty minutes for a perfect cooking. Subsequently, you can choose to peel them or not. Drain the ingredients and start grinding with the utensil you have selected beforehand.

Q5: How do I use a spring masher?

The concept of the spring masher does not differ from the classic model with a handle and grille. The distinction lies in the presence of this system on the first tool. Once the pieces of food are on the dish, you will capture them inside the disc. You then apply pressure on the handle as if you want to bounce the whole thing until you have the texture in line with your expectations.

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