The Best Tea Towels Of 2023

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Acquiring a tea towel may seem like a trivial purchase for some. However, given the plurality of accessories flooding the market, finding the right product can become a real obstacle course. However, if you have the selection parameters in mind, you will save time in your quest while avoiding a bad investment. If you don’t know where to start, we give you a boost in this review. You will find items that have conquered consumers such asUtopia Towels 12 Kitchen Towelsthat is machine washable and the Atomania Hand Towel, customizable on both sides, and entirely handmade.

Maison d' Hermine Birdies On Wire 100% Cotton Set of 2 Multi-Purpose Kitchen Towel Soft Absorbent Dish Towels | Tea Towels | Bar Towels (20 Inch by 27.50 Inch)

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Creative Co-Op Tan & Grey Striped Cotton Tea Towels (Set of 3 Pieces) Entertaining Textiles, Grey, 3 Count

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Premium Kitchen Towels (20”x 28”, 6 Pack) | Large Cotton Kitchen Hand Towels | Flat & Terry Towel | Kitchen Towels | Highly Absorbent Tea Towels Set with Hanging Loop | Grey

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PBK Primitves by Kathy Tea Hand Dish Towel All You Need is Love and A Dog

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Utopia Towels Dish Towels, 15 x 25 Inches, 100% Ring Spun Cotton Super Absorbent Linen Kitchen Towels, Soft Reusable Cleaning Bar and Tea Towels Set (12 Pack, Blue)

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The Art of the Tea Towel: 100 of the best designs

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DII Christmas Kitchen Towel Set, Floral Tea Towels for Baking, Cleaning, Entertainment & Cooking, 18x28, Holiday Botanical, 2 Piece

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Bloomingville Natural and Black Oversized Woven Linen Tea Towel

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Simpli-Magic 79272 Herringbone Dish Towels, Kitchen Towels, Pack of 18, Multi, 15"x26"

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100% Cotton Kitchen Towel Equinoxe Maison d' Hermine Set of 3 Super Soft Highly Absorbent Hotel Quality Quick Drying Cleaning Dishcloth Tea Towels Thanksgiving/Christmas (Beige, 20"x27.50")

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Buying Guide

How to choose the best tea towels of 2022? Here is a question that any buyer of this kitchen accessory must ask themselves before embarking on any purchase. In addition, the tips below will help you make your transaction in optimal conditions and thus make an investment that you are not likely to regret later.

The material

In a buying guide for the best tea towelsof the moment, the first parameter to take into account will inevitably be the manufacturing material of your future accessory. First of all, we recommend natural materials for their high absorption capacity.

In the world of textiles, cotton remains a must for all types of household linen. It remains the most popular and widespread in the trade. It is appreciated for its great ability to absorb moisture, but also for its softness. Indeed, it is pleasant to the touch and pleasant to use. It can also be obtained at a relatively cheap price. In addition, it is easy to maintain since cotton equipment can be sent to the machine or washed in the traditional way.

On the other side, we have flax. It is a material whose nobility exceeds that of cotton because of its rarity. Obviously, it is more expensive. In terms of softness and robustness, it seems the most efficient. Its structure does not fluff over time and it has high absorption capabilities on all types of hard surfaces.

By refining your research, you may come across so-called “mixed-race” configurations. It is a combination of textiles that includes cotton and linen and whose proportions vary according to the manufacturer. The particularity of this kind of fabric lies in the fact that it combines the strengths of both natural materials, which ensures its versatility.

The nature of the use

In order to determine how to buy a cloth with a better price-quality ratio, you also have to take stock of this criterion. It is intimately linked to the choice of the manufacturing material of your future accessory. Indeed, there are equipment more adapted to certain situations than others.

As cotton is a pleasant element in contact with the skin, it is not surprising that many users use it for hand towels. Its absorbent structure is also suitable for pots, pots and metal utensils in your kitchen.

Linen models do not have any difficulty in shining your glasses and silverware. In addition, its texture is unable to cause scratches or damage them.


Taking into account the size of your future accessory will influence your level of comfort during your uses. In a product comparison, tea towels can be declined in various sizes. Indeed, there is something for all sizes. It’s up to you to find the model whose measurements will be in line with your uses.

For example, if you simply need equipment to wipe your hands, no rush to turn to specimens with important measures. However, if you plan to polish your pans, pots or if you plan to carry out large-scale cleaning operations, it is preferable to move towards items at least 70 * 50 cm long and wide to avoid repetitive actions.


Before you wonder where to buy a new tea towelto equip your kitchen, we also recommend that you focus on design. Indeed, it is always better to use an accessory that will please you visually. Thus, be sure to select a model that will inspire you a pleasant use.

In addition, nothing prevents you from associating its color with the style of decoration of your room. Some brands in the trade even offer a personalization of their items with patterns and ornaments that you have chosen beforehand. In this way, the material will bring a special touch to your worktop.

In terms of aesthetics, you will have plenty of options on the market. There are weaving methods made by designers that allow to highlight the originality of tea towels such as jacquard with different design possibilities on the front and back. We can also find so-called honeycomb specimens with a contemporary look out of the ordinary and a relatively soft texture in contact with the skin.


Q1: How do I make a tea towel absorbent?

Start by putting your tea towels in the machine. Opt for a hot wash cycle and use white vinegar to benefit your daily laundry and fabric softeners. This element will also help you eliminate unpleasant odors.

Its quantity will depend on the number of cloths you will have to maintain. Once the process is complete, replace the white vinegar with baking soda and start a new cycle. Then let the laundry air dry.

Q2: How do I roll a cake with a tea towel?

At the same time as your cake is in the oven, spread the clean and slightly damp fabric on your worktop on which you will put a sheet of baking paper or parchment paper. It should be noted that the dough should not be overcooked to prevent it from breaking during the process. Nor should it be believed.

You can sprinkle the sheet of paper with icing sugar before depositing your sponge cake. Once the installation is done, you can also garnish the cake or cut it to have straight borders. Then, remove the paper. Gently wrap the softness on itself from bottom to top with the tea towel. The humidity of it will contribute to the success of your operation.

Q3: How do I wash a new tea towel? How to relax it then?

After buying your new cloth, it must go through a washing step to strengthen its absorbent powers. To do this, you can soak it in a basin of warm water to which you will add three handfuls of coarse salt. Allow the fabric to soak in the liquid overnight.

If you find that your laundry is too rough, you can use the same technique by replacing salt with white vinegar, one glass for every liter of water. Baking soda is also a good alternative to soften your laundry. All it takes is a teaspoon that you add to the water and voila.

Q4: How to whiten a tea towel?

Pour an adequate dose of soda crystals into the washing machine laundry tray without forgetting your daily detergent before starting a wash cycle. This process also works with hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice.

If you opt for the traditional approach and the fabric is able to withstand high temperatures, you can soak it in boiling water with lemon juice for an hour.

Q5: How do I make a tea towel damp?

After soaking the cloth in water, it is wrung out strongly to remove excess liquid. Then, just spread it out so that it is operational for the reception of your rolled cake.

Q6: How to remove burns on a tea towel?

To remove burnt marks on your kitchen accessory, you can use one of these techniques:

– Place your equipment on a flat surface and place a cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide on the area in question. Add over another dry cloth. Adjust the iron to a medium temperature. Repeat your operation until the hydrogen peroxide seeps into the texture of the bottom linen.

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