When And How To Unmold A Cake?

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In pastry, demoulding remains an important step for the realization of a recipe. It would be regrettable to miss a preparation due to handling errors. Indeed, it is at this precise moment that we should be more careful not to spoil anything. So how do you get it right?

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The importance of successful demoulding

If you’ve ever tried to make a baking recipe, especially for a cake, you’ve certainly had a demoulding problem. Indeed, at the exit of the oven and at the time of installation, we can miss its preparation. For example, the bottom of your sponge cake stuck to the mold and by removing it, it went to pieces.

This same problem can also appear for three-quarter pasta. Certainly, you can still enjoy your sweetness, but it would have been much more satisfying to make a flawless. Thus, we recommend that you adopt the right actions so as not to spoil your cake and reduce all your efforts to nothing. Here we give you some practical tips to do this.

The choice of molds is de rigueur

Following a recipe to the letter is a good thing, but the choice of utensils to use remains just as important. Therefore, we advise you not to opt for a random material. For molds, note that there are different shapes that you can use in your realization.

To facilitate your quest, know thatwe have searched for you the best offersavailable on the market. We have integrated a small list so that you can more easily find the model adapted to your needs. Overall, you will have the choice between silicone, glass, hinged molds or the famous “Kouglofs”.

Each type of mold has its specificity

Models made of silicone seem ideal to avoid demoulding problems. Be careful about quality since these elements promote the transfer of materials harmful to health. In other cases, there are also hinged instruments. The latter are more suitable for containing cheesecake desserts.

On the other hand, be aware that they are not really aimed at classic cakes. Not to mention the “Kouglofs” or “Bundt” which are just as practical to facilitate demoulding. These seem more suitable for pasta considered “fragile”. For example, they seem ideal for concocting a Savoy cake or a similar recipe.

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An old grandmother’s trick that works

Apart from the materials, you can use an old technique to lessen the worries of demoulding your cake. Indeed, old-fashioned methods remain adapted to do so. Thus, one of the best known remains the buttering of your utensils. Not only is it practical and effective, but it seems just as easy to make.

To do this, you will just have to grease your element. Make sure all sides are processed and put a thin layer of flour on top. As soon as your dough or sponge cake is cooked, you will notice that it will not stick to the bottom of your material. You will be able to easily unmold it on your worktop.

An idea as simple as it is ingenious

You can also place baking paper at the bottom of your elements to facilitate demoulding. But be careful, this way of doing things requires some caution on your part to avoid other problems arising. To avoid unsightly folds underneath your cake, be sure to follow these few guidelines.

Grease your utensil with butter. After that, cut the baking paper in a circle, rectangle or square and put strips on the sides. Then arrange the pieces evenly across your hardware. As soon as it’s done, you can now fill it with your dough before baking everything.

Create a thin layer of butter at the bottom of the mold

This approach is quite different from the others mentioned above. To do this, you should first butter the mold. Then put it in the refrigerator and over a baking sheet with parchment paper. After some time, a hardening phenomenon will appear, which will prevent your cake from sticking to the structure.

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In fact, a layer has formed at the bottom of your instrument, which will separate the dough from the base of the utensil. This system is mainly used for fairly light constitutions such as sponge cakes. In addition, you will notice that there will be no noticeable traces of butter on your equipment.

The thermal shock technique

As its name suggests, it aims to produce a thermal shock to facilitate the demoulding of your cake. To put it simply, if you notice that once cooked, your realization seems to adhere to the container, the process is practical.

You should then arrange your mold, with the cooked dough inside of course, in a bowl filled with ice water. This will produce a condensation effect so that the cake detaches itself from the walls and bottom of the utensil. In addition, it will not remain attached to the hardware so that you can handle it more easily. You also have the option of using a cloth already soaked in liquid to do this.

When to unmold?

This will depend on the type of dough in the recipe in question. For example, for more or less fine constitutions (sponge cakes), they should be allowed to cool when they are still in their mold. As a result, they will dry quickly. Regarding so-called “worked” compositions such as cakes, kouglofs or cakes, the same thing must be done.

Note only that the duration will be 10 to 15 min. Once this time has elapsed, gently place them on top of a grid while turning them over to unmold. For rolled cookies, you should slide them with their parchment paper onto your heat-resistant worktop. Then, cover them with the still hot plate and let everything cool. Thus, your preparations will remain moist and will not break.

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