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In the kitchen of great restaurants and starred chefs, it is not uncommon to find copper utensils. The reason for this is that this element has many advantages in the culinary field and is able to meet the expectations of the most seasoned in the sector. Here are some patterns that will push you to opt for this type of material.

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Optimal thermal conductivity

Among the elements used by manufacturers in the design of kitchen utensils, copper is in pole position when it comes to thermal conductivity. That is, it ensures a homogeneous distribution of temperature through the walls of the container, thus preventing your preparations from overflowing the pan or pan. This applies to all kinds of recipes you have to make.

Milk, for example, will not spill out of your equipment, regardless of the cooking temperature. The same goes for delicate ingredients such as chocolate or caramel. Its structure also limits situations where you end up with undercooked food on one side and burned on the other.

On top of that, copper equipment heats up quickly. They will save you time. When you place them on the fire, you won’t have to wait long for them to get up and running and start the cooking phase. Thanks to its low thermal inertia configuration, you can even simmer your stews for hours without fear of finding them charred.

Hygienic properties

Cooking with copper pans is taking care of your health. This statement is justified by the hygienic properties of this material. It has always been appreciated for its natural antibacterial properties. It is able to limit the formation and proliferation of fungi responsible for rotting fruits and other foods that can degrade quickly.

This is why this element remains popular in the field of preservation of culinary preparations such as jams or compotes. For this hygienic quality, copper is also found in some kitchens of hospitals and medical centers. Scientists have even conducted a study on its ability to suppress certain staph-like bacteria that can alter our health.

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Increased resistance over time

Here is one of the parameters to take into account when you plan to equip your kitchen with utensils: resistance over time. On this point, copper presents itself as a good candidate. Indeed, it remains resistant to various types of alterations and phenomena of all kinds. He also does not fear attacks from acidic foods.

The structure of this element has self-protective qualities. In contact with oxygen, its configuration will promote the formation of patina, which will make it a rather dark hue when turning brown. This is a relatively normal process and there is no reason to worry about its robustness.

Moreover, this thin layer can be removed quite easily with polishes or acid if it bothers you. These maintenance processes will not damage its main architecture. Note that copper may change color as you use it.

A catalyst of choice

In the culinary field, copper utensils offer a wide range of cooking possibilities for your food. They will not only help you vary your recipes, but also succeed to perfection even if you plan to get acheaper than average cookware.

Among its qualities so appreciated by chefs and the most seasoned in the kitchen, we find catalytic capacities during the distillation of your ingredients. For example, you can equip yourself with a container designed with this element to produce your own alcohol.

Copper comes into play to remove hydrogen aromas during the process. In the preparation of homemade cheese, investing in this type of equipment can also be advantageous. Indeed, the copper utensil will curdle your milk homogeneously to optimize the realization of your recipe.

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Stylish design

Copper pots and pans and cookware always have this elegant and timeless look. Indeed, this material is continuously attached to a chic and luxurious aesthetic in the culinary field.

If today, we often find stainless steel on the front of the stage with cold tones, the addition of one or more copper equipment will bring a special touch in the visual. It is not to be remembered that this element remains versatile and fits quite easily into the majority of styles of decoration of a room.

Ecological and economical

As copper is a material that ensures optimal thermal conductivity, it will help you first and foremost to limit your energy consumption. Indeed, copper utensils heat quickly on the fire while performing a homogeneous distribution of heat.

So you don’t have to wait long for your equipment to reach the desired heat level whether at low or high temperatures. These qualities will especially allow you to reduce your expenses on your bills.

The steps to take during your interview

For the exterior of your copper pans, it is normal for the walls to change shade over time under the influence of heat. To restore their condition, you can get polishing paste for copper that you will find in specialty stores. Just bring a soft sponge, apply the product and rub. Rinse afterwards with warm water.

The inside, on its side, presents risks of oxidation especially if you tend to cook too salty food. It is necessary to maintain it regularly to limit these processes and the appearance of vert-de-gris, which can be toxic. Use white vinegar and/or lemon juice, especially if the structure does not have a tin coating. Be sure to avoid the use of wire brushes that can damage the frame of your utensils.

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