Wok Or Saute Pan For Cooking Vegetables?

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The flavor and nutritional contribution of a dish depend largely on the way it was cooked, but also on the utensils used. That said, even for a single recipe the difference can be obvious. To cook, should we prefer the wok or the frying pan? It seems that the degree of cooking is not the same between the two.

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The dissimilarities between the wok and the frying pan

Before discussing the use of the two tools, it is worth listing their distinctions. The wok is very often confused with the frying pan.

The difference between these two utensils begins with their shapes. The wok looks like a half-sphere with flared edges while the frying pan is comparable to a pan, but with lowered edges. The first usually has a rounded background, but sometimes flattened on one part. On the other hand, the second container stabilizes thanks to an absolutely flat underside.

In terms of manufacturing, the wok is made of ceramic or steel most of the time. On the other hand, the frying pan is made from various elements such as steel, aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron and many others.

Regarding performance, the wok presents as an argument well colored and nutritious food while the frying pan has as a basic principle sautéed and tasty dishes. However, these two tools remain equally versatile and allow a wide variety of cooking. For the price, they cost on average between 15 to 80 euros. However, you will find awok cheaperfrom about 12 euros. Just look carefully with sites like Amazon.

For steaming

When talking about steaming, prefer the wok rather than the frying pan. Knowing that it is used with a lid, it retains the favorable heat for this kind of method. But also, vegetables that are high up do not burn.

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Conversely, even if the frying pan sometimes has a valve, it does not react at all in the same way as the wok. Indeed, a large part of the ingredients can caramelize since they are located at the bottom, that is to say in virtual contact with the fire. As a result, you will be tempted to simmer by opening the lid, which will dissipate the hot air already trapped. In any case, the ideal would be the use of a pressure cooker. This one perfectly achieves steaming.

To skip vegetables

Vegetable stir-fries, on the other hand, are very well done with both, but with one difference. With a wok you have to completely stir the tank and its contents, which does not leave you time to blow. In contrast, with the frying pan, it is the spatula that will move constantly.

For the rest, it’s the same. Since, in both cases, the ingredients will have to be worked in advance to take the fire. The preparation begins by warming up the container and then adding a few spoonfuls of olive oil. Then comes the insertion of the elements of the recipe into the pan according to their degree of cooking, the onion slices first, the peppers later, the tomatoes after and so on. With the frying pan we enjoy golden vegetables and with the wok, we access crunchy.

For cooking with water

This time again the wok leads the game. Imagine a second cooking soup in half a pan. No, it is not done, but it is nevertheless the case of the frying pan. So, to succeed in this preparation, you have to opt for the first tool since it manages to contain enough juice thanks to its height.

For this, at first, add the already minced ingredients such as potatoes, carrots and pumpkin, including beans and let evaporate for a few moments. Then add a little tomatoes, onions. Finally, put all the other components such as zucchini or leeks, then pour a good amount of water. Place the lid and start over low heat until cooking is complete. The result will be super calorific wok soup.

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For fried vegetables

Both stoves are compatible with this task, but the result differs. If you want fries that are not overcooked and lightly browned, you should go to the frying pan. Indeed, it is hardly possible to completely soak the ingredients with oil because of its rather limited borders.

But if you prefer your fries to become crispy and pointy, the wok guarantees it. To make the preparation a success, bathe them beforehand in slightly salty sauce. But also, check the firepower so that it does not exceed 180 ° C. Yes! Although both utensils operate at high temperatures, to such a degree, the oil may burn to become carcinogenic. So be careful.

For low temperature cooking

This method amounts to cooking vegetables healthily between 65 and 85 ° C. So, do you need the wok or the frying pan? The goal is to soften the fiber and also retain the maximum of nutrients. Thus at low temperatures, the wok reveals its limits. Indeed, its shape does not allow this kind of cooking even if the power of the fire is lowered. The tank favors heat at the bottom, so at the base it will be very hot and as you go up to the edges, the intensity decreases.

However, for a dish at low temperature, uniformity is still required. It’s timely since the frying pan has this potential. With the latter, you can standardize the cooking of organic products without any worries. To do this, vegetables must bathe at the same height as water. As for the fire, you will keep an eye so that it does not reach 100 ° C and does not retrograde below 55 ° C. And finally, do not forget to put the lid if the frying pan is equipped with it.

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